Our mission is to provide accurate, written and artifact information on history, customs and beliefs from the perspective of the original American Cherokees.

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Yonah Band of Cherokees Tribal Leaders
There are two positions of leadership within the Cherokee band. They are:

Primary Chief / White Chief: Primary leader of the Band during times of peace.

War Woman / Beloved Woman: Maintains list of all Veterans, bestows the Certificate of the Eagle feather to all veterans. Advises on the desires of the Band Members.

Len Griffin - Primary Chief / White Chief
WallaceLen Griffin is a Vietnam Veteran of the 101st Airborne Division. He served as a Captain in the US Army.

Len worked with the Atlanta Police for 9 years and Delta Air Lines for 22 years. He retired to the North Georgia Mountains.

His lineage to the North Georgia Cherokee Heltons is through his Mother and Irish through his Father. Daniel Smith Helton, in 1828, signed the Emigration Roll giving up all Cherokee land east of the Mississippi for land in Arkansas, a good rifle, a blanket, copper pot and food for a year. He was given $7.62 for the property he left in North Carolina. After seeing the violence in Arkansas of late arrivals of Cherokee against he early arrival Cherokees, Daniel stole a horse and $2.50 and returned to North Carolina and hid until after the removal. Daniel Smith Helton was my GGGGrandfather.

His GGGGGrandfather, Thomas Griffin Jr., on his father’s side and GGGGGUncle, Abraham Helton, on his Mother’s side both served in the same unit, the Second Virginia, during the Revolutionary War.

Sheron Helton Day - War Woman / Belove Woman
SharonSharon Helton Day was born on March 8, 1957 in Atlanta, GA. She and her parents eventually settled in Woodstock, GA in Cherokee County in 1974.

In 1985 Sharon married Larry Robin Day. They have two daughters, one son and a son-in-law.

After being very active since 1993 as a leader of both Junior and Brownie Scouts, she became the Director for the Girl Scout Council over the Modesto area overseeing 35 troops. She is currently Assistant Manager for Walmart.

She became very intrigued about her own heritage in 1996. Her findings lead her to discover that about 1720 Bettie Helton and Orlefuss Lithfuss Creekbeck (who changed his name to Thomas Helton) had 11 children. Sharon is decended from Melinda Helton, one of the 11 children. Three of Bettie and Thomas's children, Melinda, Beecham Jr and Abraham, moved into North Georgia.

In 2012 Sharon was elected as War Woman/Beloved Woman of The Yonah Band of Cherokee.

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Georgia Cherokees:

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